Formal Oral Presentations: outlining, signposting, voice and intonation

Professor Oscar Aloso, from the English Philology Department at the University of Oviedo, has given our students a workshop on Formal Oral Presentations which combines theory and vocabulary with a practical approach for English Language Learners. The workshop consists of 90 minutes divided in two parts. On the first part students are presented an overview of the structure of oral presentations and the vocabulary and signposting expressions specific to those parts. The second part deals with language and speech, with special emphasis on voice and intonation and the interaction with visual aids. Both parts include a theoretical part, combining language expressions and vocabulary, and practice exercises in small groups.

Óscar Alonso Álvarez has a degree in English from the University of León and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of English Philology at the University of Oviedo. He specializes in teaching English as a second language and English for specific purposes, and he has also worked teaching Spanish as a second language. He took part in the Visiting Scholars Program in USA and Canada sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education, for three academic years, where he specialized in Bilingual Teaching in the public schools in Chicago, Illinois. He has extensively participated in courses and workshops in teacher training, and his contributions as a speaker include teacher training workshops and conferences as an ELL specialist. He is currently completing a Masters in Gender and Diversity at the University of Oviedo where his research interests focus on gender dynamics in contemporary urban music.